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7th & 8th Grade Girls' Volleyball 7th & 8th Grade Boys' Basketball Boys' Track
6th Grade FlagFootball 7th & 8th Grade Girls' Basketball Girls' Track
7th & 8th Grade Flag football

Athletic Guidelines & Contract (.pdf)
Sports Permission Slip (.pdf)

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Riverside Meadows Intermediate School believes that a sports program can benefit students in many ways that are valuable to both the student and to our society:

  • Develop scholarship, health, strength, agility, coordination skills, recreational interests, physical fitness and habits of clean living
  • Learn sportsmanship, fair play, honesty and respect for rules and authority
  • Develop qualities of cooperation, teamwork, competition, leadership, initiative, responsibility, subordination of self to the welfare of the team and school, self-respect, courtesy for others, perseverance and courage
  • Have fun with fellow students and visiting teams

Dear Roadrunner Parents,
If you take pictures of your athlete in action and would like to have it posted on the website please E-Mail the pictures to me.

Competitive Athletics Data 2015/2016

Gender makeup of teams and student participation.

Enrollment:  397

Flag Football:
6th Grade – 6 Male
7th grade – 10 Male
8th Grade – 10 Male
7th Grade – 12 Female
8th Grade – 12 Female
6th Grade – 8 Female
7th Grade – 12 Female
8th Grade – 12 Female
6th Grade – 9 Male
7th Grade – 12 Male
8th Grade – 14 Male
6th – 8th – 44 Male
6th – 8th – 50 Female