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Welcome to Riverside Meadows Intermediate School!


Welcome from Principal Rojo

Welcome from Principal Rojotitle

Welcome to Riverside Meadows Intermediate!  Home of the Roadrunners!
We are located in the beautiful, peaceful, small community of Plumas Lake.  Having grown up in the area, I have always appreciated the orchards, rice fields, and tight-knit community that is Plumas Lake.  Our student enrollment is a little over 400 students and we have a full staff of 40 dedicated educators from the administration, to the custodians, to the teachers.  Everyone plays a key role in a student's education and we take that responsibility very seriously.
Riverside Meadows not only offers rigorous academics, but also includes enrichment classes during the regular school day while offering a large variety of after school clubs, sports,  and activities to keep our students busy.
Middle school can be a difficult road to navigate and we understand that even though our students are growing in their independence and becoming young adults, they still need our guidance, expertise, understanding, and support as they find their own way, probably now more than ever.  Every moment is a learning experience and they are always watching the adults in their lives. It's important that we, as their teachers and you as their parents, show them how to treat one another with respect, kindness, and care.
The office staff at Riverside Meadows is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.  We encourage you to come in and visit us.  Come see the wonderful things happening in Plumas Lake.
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