It's always a great time to read!



The library provides materials and services to support the academic and general interest needs of the students, faculty, and staff of Riverside Meadows Intermediate School. Specifically, we endeavor:
·      to engage students in a life-long love of reading
·      to teach information literacy skills to find, evaluate and use a variety of resources, and to cite them properly
·      to provide print and non-print resources that support the school curricula
·      to partner with teachers, school staff, and parents to meet the educational needs of the students of Riverside Meadows Intermediate School.

Student Expectations in the Library:

  • Speak quietly and behave in a manner consistent with serious study.
  • During class time, students must have a pass to use the library.
  • Food, candy, gum, and drinks are not allowed in the library.
  • Enter the library in an orderly manner and lower your voice.
  • All items removed from the library must be checked out.
  • Respect the resources in the library, the library staff, and your peers.
  • Obey all school and district rules and policies
  • If you have an overdue book you cannot check out any library materials.
  • Lost and damaged books are the responsibility of the student who checked the book(s) out
  • Library fines must be paid in order to participate in the promotion ceremony.
No one wakes up in the morning with the goal of losing or damaging a library book. Accidents happen. At the Riverside Meadows Library, we assume that all of our students do their best to take good care of the materials they borrow from the library. So here's what to do if your family runs into any of these problems:

Oh no, we lost a library book. Now what?

Once an item is two weeks overdue, an overdue notice will be sent to your student during their advisory period. After four weeks have passed since the book was due, the book is officially considered lost. At that point, your family must choose to either return the missing item or pay the replacement cost.  It is our hope that no one ever has to pay for a lost book because our ultimate goal is always just to get our original book back! If that is not going to happen, please provide the library with either the cash (correct change only, please) or a check (made out to Riverside Meadows) to cover the replacement cost. If an exact copy of the missing item cannot be obtained by the librarian, a similar title will be substituted.

Once payment of the replacement cost is made, your money is deposited into the bank and it cannot be refunded. If the missing item is located after payment, it becomes the property of your family.


Oh no, we accidentally damaged a library book. Now what?

The four most common ways library books end up damaged:

  • pets - especially dogs
  • babies and toddlers -- who are too young to know how to take care of books properly.
  • food -- keep library books away from the kitchen table, please!
  • liquids -- cups spill, juice boxes explode, rain and puddles develop, all of these are dangerous for library books
Despite the very best intention, occasionally a library book is accidentally damaged.

If this happens to a book checked out to your child, please reassure your student that he or she will not "get in trouble" in the library. Explain that he/she will have to tell the library staff about what happened and that your family may have to pay to replace the damaged item(s).  

Send the damaged item back to school with a note explaining what happened. The library staff will then take a look at the damage and see if we can repair the problem. If not, your family will need to pay the replacement cost. Each damaged book will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Damage costs range from $5 to the replacement cost of the book.

Once again, if you must pay replacement costs you may pay by:
  • Cash (correct change only, please)
  • Check made out to Riverside Meadows.