Math 6

Math 6title

Math 6 includes an introduction to a variety of mathematical concepts:

  • algebraic expressions and equations
  • measurement and geometry
  • statistics, data analysis and probability
  • mathematical reasoning

Math 7

Math 7title

Math 7 is an extremely important course in the preparation for higher mathematics. The class is taught with an emphasis on problem solving, which will be of benefit to students throughout their education. Topics covered include:

  • problem solving
  • logic area and perimeter
  • pre-algebra
  • simple equations
  • graphing
  • integers
  • probability and statistics

Math 8/Algebra A

Math 8/Algebra Atitle

Math8/Algebra A is designed to teach the first half of a two-year algebra program to all District eighth grade students. Students will finish the other half of algebra in ninth grade at high school. Working at a slower pace will allow for general success in mastering the difficult concept of algebra.


Algebra 1 is the gateway course to higher mathematics. The class is taught with an emphasis on divergent/abstract reasoning, problem solving and group collaboration. Topics covered include:

  • writing & solving algebraic equations
  • review of area & perimeter with algebraic applications
  • review of the distributive property & integer operations
  • numeric, algebraic & geometric ratios
  • graphing linear equations
  • using slope & intercept
  • quadratic problems
  • graphing & solving systems of equations



Geometry is offered for those students who have successfully completed Algebra 1 in 7th grade. The textbook used is the same text that is used at the District high schools.